[Closed] The Classic in Downtown

The Classic. Photo Credit: C. C.
The Classic. Photo Credit: C.

[Updated 7/19: Added a photo at the end of the entry. Finally found a way out of WP’s uploading issues… Oh and we added the address and phone number.]

The Classic is a newer cafe on the corner of 9th and Main. It’s where you’d want to set up for a late morning — or afternoon — of work if you’re a designer or just have a love for design, as painstaking as the effort was made in creating creative nooks throughout.

Depending on your work style, you can settle at a round two-seat bistro table, at the long communal table set with a carafe of water, or at the wraparound countertop the comprises a part of the barista station.

Whereas you’ll find some cafes less conducive to leisure reading, there’s a velvet love seat in the back and steps outfitted with colorful cushions in a corner. And because even the leisure readers might need to charge their smartphones, there are outlets near both areas.

Half of the cafe is composed of near floor-to-ceiling windows, looking on to the western edges of the Fashion District. On a sunny day, they bring in a lot of natural light. Even on hazier days, they present lovely snapshots of this part of the city whenever a laptop respite is needed.

The Classic: 862 S. Main St., Los Angeles; (213) 265-7549.

Ambiance: Unintrusive classic jazz and light chatter.
Amenities: Unlimited wifi. A real bonus is you don’t have to search hard for an outlet as they are everywhere, even on tabletop lamps.
Drink/Food: Coffee from Intelligentsia. Pastries from Bread Lounge.

Communal tables. Photo credit: C.C.
Communal table. Photo credit: C.