Bru Coffeebar: The Next Best Thing to a Library in Los Feliz

Outside seating. Photo credit: C.C.

Outside seating. (Photo credit: C.)

Bru Coffeebar tows closer to a library-like workspace than a raucous café you’d expect to find in the cluster of restaurants and shops on Vermont.

Just a few walking blocks from Griffith Park, the café usually hosts a mix of laptop jockeys and those finishing their monthly book club selections. Even if you’re chatting about the Jon Favreau vehicle you just caught with a friend at Los Feliz 3, you won’t likely stray from the sound mean much. It makes for a relatively quiet space to work in.

You won’t lack for seating options here — a communal table in the main room, three outdoor spots and two-seat tables placed (including at the loft) throughout. The tables are spaced out enough, so there’s little sense of crowdedness.

If you’re looking for good pastries with your coffee, Figaro Bistrot a block down would give you more options. Otherwise, the coffee beverages made with beans from Ritual Coffee Roasters will give you the smooth jolt you need for an early afternoon of work.

Loft view of Bru Coffeebar. Photo credit: C.C.

Loft view of Bru Coffeebar. (Photo credit: C.)

Bru Coffeebar: 1866 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 664-7500.

Ambiance: Generally quiet and subdued.
Amenities: Password-protected, unrestricted wifi. Outdoor seating. A few electrical outlets.
Drink/Food: Single origin coffees from Ritual. Gluten-free cookies.  A small range of buttery pastries.

Iced chai at Bru Coffeebar. Photo credit: C.C.

Iced chai at Bru Coffeebar. (Photo credit: C.)

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