A Super Quiet Workspace at D’odici Desserts in Pasadena

D'odici in Pasadena. Photo credit: C.C.
D’odici in Pasadena. (Photo credit: C.)

There’s a delicate line a café dances between coming across quiet and deserted when it’s empty. D’odici Desserts can easily veer towards one or the other, depending on your preferences for solitude.

From the outset, D’odici is a desserts shop first. A soufflé cheesecake is one of a few desserts they bake to order. There are also three iced lattes, including one reminiscent of an orange creamsicle, that taste like dessert masquerading as coffee. The shop is set up though as a café with a smattering of tables in the front dining room and two spots located at the back hallway.

You’ll often find the dining room unoccupied. This can be beneficial at times when you need to hunker down — and if you’re easily distracted by noise. More often than not though, you head to a café for the company of strangers. If you like at least a little chatter nearby to go along with your coffee and pastry, the quiet here can be a bit unnerving.

D’odici Desserts: 766 E. Colorado Blvd. Ste 103, Pasadena; (626) 584-6924.

Ambiance: Subdued.
Amenities: Unlimited, password-protected wifi. Outlets scattered.
Drink/Food: Baked-to-order desserts. A short menu of coffee drinks.

Wall art at D'odici. Photo credit: C.C.
Wall art at D’odici. (Photo credit: C.)

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