Write Your LA Noir Story at Loft Café in Koreatown

Loft Café in Koreatown. Photo credit: C.C.
Loft Café in Koreatown. Photo credit: C.)

If ever you need to write the ultimate L.A. noir short story, there’s Loft Café on the corner of 6th and Oxford. The café is even furnished as if to evoke the setting of one, with black leather-upholstered chairs, dark cherry wood tables and black-and-white checkered tiles.

Loft Café tends to get packed a little after conventional work hours (that is, after 6 p.m.) and into the late night. If you’re set up around the afternoon, you can witness the café crowd transition. By 8 p.m. or so, it becomes a hot spot for gossip, er social, gatherings of four.
Unless you have to plug in your laptop, you’ll have little trouble snagging a table before then. (Outlets are available in a handful of areas — one of them being the windowside tables closest to the entrance.) You’ll discover too that the noise level less is bothersome during this time.*

As acknowledged in name, there is a loft space at the café. It can make for a better spot to zone into your writing. On days when the heat is mild, there’s also the enclosed outdoor patio where the only ambient noise comes from the street traffic a few feet away.

Whereas the Loft Café doesn’t boast a particularly remarkable menu, there are teas and coffee across the caffeine spectrum — certainly enough to keep you awake at the level you’re most productive in. For a (substantial) snack, there are a couple of simple sandwiches and a small menu of layer cakes of Sweet Lady Jane available. They’ll satisfy for however long you need to stave off the munchies and focus on crafting your femme fatale.

Loft Café: 3882 W. 6th St., Los Angeles; (213) 383-3006.

Ambiance: A mix of conversations and ballads (or classical music) in the background.
Amenities: Unlimited, password-protected wifi. Outlets in select areas. An enclosed outdoor patio.
Drink/Food: A variety of teas and coffee. Three to four cakes from Sweet Lady Jane. Frozen yogurt. Simple sandwiches.

*Although, depending on your taste in music, you might balk at what’s playing overhead at a not-so low volume, which varies slightly from classical to classical renditions of pop music to Celine Dion.