How to Work Like a Francophile at Amandine Patisserie

Amandine Patisserie is an evocation of the kind of French café more common on the other side of the country where Gallic culinary influences run deeper. Except at this Brentwood bakery café, there are unmistakeable Southern Californian traces, whether it’s yoga wear fronting as dressy casual or the inordinately bright sunlight flooding the never empty, well-worn space.

If you have people watching or food gawking proclivities, prepare to be distracted for a chunk of your time there. There’s usually something to catch your eye, just with the many manipulations of pâte au choux alone. You’ll learn too that you should never judge a person by his pastry.

No one will find it peculiar if you carve out a spot to catch up on your notes from Thursday’s lab session, but you’ll probably feel a bit out of place, especially on the weekends, with the family friendly bustle often swirling about. Wifi is unrestricted; however, there aren’t enough outlets for the laptop toting crowd. The constraints are welcome for those who espouse a certain laissez faire attitude towards work.

Amandine Patisserie: 12225 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles; (310) 979-3211

Ambiance: Busy, but never hectic.
Amenities: Free wifi. Backlot patio. Very few outlets.
Drink/Food: A full menu of French-inspired breakfast and lunch fare (think quiche, omelettes and sandwiches) bookended with an array of layer cakes and butter-based pastries.