Alfred Coffee: A Great Work Spot for Social (Media) Mavens

Macchiato in waffle cup at Alfred Coffee. (Photo: C.C.)
Macchiato in waffle cup at Alfred Coffee. (Photo: C.C.)

When it comes to cafés on the westside, there are some conducive to writing out next quarter’s business proposal and others more fitted for excited exchanges on the project Studio A just greenlit. At Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, there’s a fair mix of work, chatter and work chatter going down.

The economic identity of L.A. is frequently connected to Hollywood, but as locals well know the “industry” can vary depending on what part of the city you’re in.

Chances are you’ll overhear fashionistas fret about shipments stuck in Sri Lanka in Downtown; television executives gabbing about upfronts over baby kale salads in Burbank; and talent agents passive-aggressively one-upping one another — not really, but really — in Mid-City.

The café is near the edge of Beverly Grove, on a side avenue that diverges from Melrose with the same name. That means the average too-loud conversation here can just as easily revolve around Fashion Week as it can be about which script was picked up — as close as Alfred Coffee is to Hollywood and nestled among various boutiques carrying casual offshoots of haute couture labels. Bear in mind that the quality of your workflow is more or less correlated to how well you can work through loud conversations designed to make you eavesdrop.

On a fair weather day, which is almost always the case in this part of town, you’ll be tempted to take advantage of the curbside spots of which there a couple. Whenever you look up from your screen, you might catch some iteration of the latest Isabel Marant line for fashion eye candy.

Alfred Coffee is a great backdrop for Instagramming scenesters. There are plenty of snap-worthy nooks and design elements that edge on tongue-in-cheek. Take the hashtag done in bright red on one wall or the main slogan painted above the short flight of stairs leading down to the step-down space where you’ll find the cashwrap and enough artisanal options to satiate most of your snack desires.

Farmshop provides most of the pastries, savory and sweet, showcased behind a large glass display, good for those feeling a little more than just peckish. If you’re lean close in proclivities to the aforementioned scenester, try a macchiato in chocolate waffle cup. It’ll garner you double the Insta-likes of any photo you shoot of the cup.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen: 8428 Melrose Place, Los Angeles; (323) 944-0811. [map]

Ambiance: Chatter can be distracting if you set up at any one of the tables on the patio or outside.
Amenities: Unlimited, password-protected wifi. One unisex restroom. Arrive with your laptop more than halfway juiced; there are just a few outlets alongside one wall.
Drink/Food: Choice of an espresso shot or macchiato in a chocolate-lined waffle cup. Pastries from Farmshop. A slew of Pressed Juicery juices.