Espresso Profeta: A Café for Philosophers

Espresso Profeta in Westwood. (Photo: C.C.)
Espresso Profeta in Westwood. (Photo: C.C.)

You may not seem to lack for options when it comes to studying or working outside in Westwood. There are two Starbucks and two Coffee Beans after all within a rough five-minute walking distance of one another –probably nine, if you’re a native Angeleno.

But this is a university town. Chances are you’re there, because you either attend UCLA or want to take in some of that scholastic air. You’ll want somewhere that can help inspire your better observations on Homi Bhabha. So you’ll need a certain kind of paradoxically laid-back and serious ambiance then.

Enter Espresso Profeta for your consideration. Almost everything about this café — the ivy on brick wall exterior, the semi-secluded patio, and the hexagonal main room — lends to the kind of setting that can spark your more thought-provoking exchanges. The café can be fantastic for solo creative brainstorming sessions too. More than half of the café will be occupied by likeminded folks, students and lecturers, typing away on various models of Macbook (Pro). (Keep in mind that there is wifi, but there are no electrical outlets to be found.)

Between the ambiance and really great coffee, an open spot can be hard to snag here. You can set up at the window-side bar top near the barista station first, keeping an eye out for spots that open in the main room. It’s worth your patience. Because while you can get caffeinated in a number of places in Westwood Village, there are few cafés and coffee shops that can stimulate you better than Espresso Profeta.

Espresso Profeta: 1129 Glendon Avenue, Westwood; (310) 208-3375. [map]

Ambiance: Studious with the occasional chatterbox.
Amenities: One restroom. Unlimited password-protected wifi. Outdoor semi-enclosed patio. No outlets. T-shirts for sale.
Drink/Food: A lucite-like case filled with pastries from Shortcake.