Groundwork Coffee Venice: Where Indiana Jones Would Work

Groundwork Venice. (Photo: C.C.)
Groundwork Venice. (Photo: C.C.)

Groundwork Venice is housed in a bungalow on one corner of Rose, just a few blocks away from a part of the street that’s become increasingly hipster glam. A bit more settled in the neighborhood, it’s retained some of that local boho charm that’s neither pretentious nor precious. The baristas are friendly, not supercilious. The coffee is reliably good and the food is unfussy.

You’ll be inspired to work on your travelogue manuscript here. The whole design setup is rather like a trading post meets apothecary — a pretty perfect backdrop for your Indiana Jones-esque musings. Even if you’re only nursing a cup of hot Rooibos, you’ll be amped by the steady stream of downtempo and electronica playing conspicuously in the background. The song list is so good that it’ll have your neighbor two seats down inquiring about it — and you reaching for your music recognition app every song or so.

There aren’t many seating options, but come dusk on a weekday you’ll find enough open seats to set up. One bonus in working here around this hour: pastries are 50 percent off towards the end of the night, whether it’s a blueberry scone, sticky bun, or chocolate banana muffin.

Groundwork Venice: 671 Rose Avenue, Venice; (310) 664-8830. [map]

Ambiance: Unpretentious.
Amenities: One restroom for which you’ll need a key. Password-protected wifi.
Drink/Food: Enough munch options that include hot and cold foods: omelettes, scrambles, burritos, bagels with spreads, housemade granola and fruit, salads, soups, and sandwiches.