Best Coffee Stand: G&B Coffee in DTLA

Latte and cookie at G&B Coffee. (Photo: C.)
Latte and cookie at G&B Coffee. (Photo: C.)

Even when you’re on a mobile work schedule, you don’t always have time to sit down for coffee and a scone — or a blueberry muffin if you prefer. There might be more wiggle room in how you structure your time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have more of it.

For when you just need to grab a really good cup of coffee in Downtown, check out G&B Coffee at the Grand Central Market. (The initials stand for Glanville and Babinski, the respective last names of the founders Kyle and Charles. The two also have a café called Go Get ‘Em Tiger in Mid-City.) The stand spans a good length of the market’s entrance on Hill Street near Bunker Hill.

It’s in a prime location, right across the street from Angel’s Flight, which provides a particularly lovely view as you wait for your almond and macadamia latté (yes, they make the nut milks!). You’ll be joined by an almost equal ratio of locals and tourists in-the-know. On one recent trip, we came across a large group of Japanese tourists who took turns snapping selfies with their lattes and chain-smoking right outside the market. A more common scenario that you’ll encounter as you wait for the barista to take your order is she — or he — wrapping up a convo with someone who works nearby and, clearly, frequents the stand.

For those who love a nibble with their caffeine, G&B also makes mighty fine pastries — one of the best chocolate chip cookies in town, in fact. To top things off, you can check NASDAQ or catch up on emails with wifi that’s free to anyone within proximity of GCM.

G&B Coffee: 312 S. Broadway #C19, Downtown; [map]

Ambiance: Varies. One of the first stands you’ll see at Grand Central Market on the Hill Street side, G&B Coffee can draw a crowd at any given hour.
Amenities: Surf the interwebs with unrestricted wifi, thanks to free market-wide access.
Drink/Food: A short, strong list of coffee and tea drinks matched with an equally concise, well-made set of pastries from banana oat cakes to vegan strawberry muffins.