Where to Find Great Waffles + Coffee in LA

Liege waffles with Nutella ice cream at Taza. (Photo: C.)
Liege waffles with Nutella ice cream at Taza. (Photo: C.)

There’s a lot to be said about donut-and-coffee pairings, but once in a while it doesn’t hurt to switch things up a little with another sweet treat.

So may we suggest liège waffles as an alternative? They’re just as texturally interesting — perhaps more — and no less sweet. If you’re out further east than you’d expect, or if you’re living on the eastside, there’s Taza on the edges of Arcadia, just a couple of blocks west of Monrovia.

Taza has been slinging coffee and substantial snacks for a few years now. It’s garnered a fair number of loyal customers. So there will be folks sitting here and there, with laptops open natch, when you walk in.

You’ll also notice though that they’re likely talking more than they are working. If you’ve attempted to do some work there yourself, you would have found that owner Sonny Mediana coined it as a “social coffee house”, even going as far as to include it on the signage, for very good reason. The cafe is on the smaller side with a handful of two-tops to one side and a communal table that anchors the one-room space, lending an atmosphere more suited for face time than screen time.

But you’ll realize that much has to do with the menu too. There are donuts from Donut Snob and really lovely interpretations of favorite French pastries from Sugarbloom. And, of course, there are the sugar-studded stunners worth swapping your usual coffee accompaniment for. The waffle is made to order — and even better, they can be topped with your choice of Fosselman’s ice cream.

Taza. A Social Coffee House: 11 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia; (626) 538-2233. [map]

Ambiance: Relaxed. The café is often well-occupied in the afternoons, so you might find yourself having to park at the bright red picnic table for a spell — if you really want to work.
Amenities: No restroom. Password-protected wifi. There are outlets, but they may be occupied. Be sure to bring your extension plug.
Drink/Food: Fosselman’s ice cream. Donuts from Donut Snob. Liege waffles made to order. Pastries from Sugarbloom Bakery.