[Updated] Get Your Coffee + Bike Fix at The Wheelhouse (new)

Pastrami croissant (from Superba Snack Bar) at The Wheelhouse. Photo credit: C.C.

So we haven’t updated for almost a year. Yep. A. Year. I know, I know. What happened?  Well, we’ve been a bit neglectful. But it’s been for good purpose. Very good purpose. We’ll reveal why in a few weeks. Bear with us; it’ll be worth it. Promise.

With that said, let’s get back into the groove.

If you’re an avid cyclist, or aspiring to be one, and you’re a coffee lover, there’s The Wheelhouse in the Arts District, now open for a little while.

When we checked it out a few weeks back, they had yet to offer Wifi connectivity. Which suited us fine. There was some reading we had to finish anyhow.

Keep this in mind if you’re setting out for  working at the cafe-cum-bike-shop. Depending on your predilection with work, it could be a great development. Your inner Luddite prefers to chip away at the perpetually growing list of articles and books to read.

Otherwise, call to see if they added Wifi. If not, file The Wheelhouse as a good spot for casual group meetings and/or a coffee fix that takes you out of the Arts District cafe aesthetic. The space is spacious and the general ambiance is an outgrowth of that.

The Wheelhouse: 1375 E. 6th St, Los Angeles. [map]

Ambiance: Upbeat and airy.
Amenities: Restrooms for both genders. Limited parking onsite. No wifi right now. Very limited outlets.
Drink/Food: Pastries from Superba Snack Bar. Coffee from Verve Olympia Roasters. [Note: The Wheelhouse reached out and send a kind correction that their coffee comes from Olympia Coffee Roasting Company.]

The Wheelhouse. Photo credit: C.C.
Cafe at The Wheelhouse. Photo credit: C.C.