Eightfold Coffee: Coffee Without the Buzz


Open shortly after we greeted 2016, Eightfold Coffee started pulling shots of espresso and pouring cortados.

It appears minimalistic in several manifestations of the word. Don’t get that twisted with plain. Minimalism is thoughtful in the truest application of the philosophy. It’s simplistic for purpose. You’ll get the sense that each design element at Eightfold was chosen with no small amount of care.

And it’s surrounded by likeminded retailers purveying this kind of paradoxical complexity showcased in pared down backdrops. Across the street, there’s Guisados, dishing braises in freshly made tortillas. Next door, there’s Escueleto, a boutique featuring intricate jewelry displayed in a sparsely decorated space.

Go to Eightfold Coffee with this frame in mind. You’ll probably have a fantastic chat with your landscape designer or a new artist you’re vetting for your gallery. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to draft out a chapter of the Great American Novel  you’ve been meaning to complete. But Wifi can be a bit spotty and you’ll want for outlets, so you may not want to wrap up that intense Photoshop assignment here.

Eightfold Coffee: 1294 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles; (213) 947-3500. [map]

Ambiance: Somewhat subdued.
Amenities: Outlets are scarce. One communal table and extended bench seating. A mini shop of sorts for times you need to pick up a stylish gift for the professorial types in your life, i.e. esoteric design journals, coffee accoutrement and small batch chocolate bars.
Drink/Food: Coffee from Heart Coffee Roaster. Clover juices. Pastries from Farm Shop. Donut Snob donuts. Organic bento boxes available at noon from Tue-Sat.