Get Work Done at Recreational Coffee

rec-coffee-lb.jpgBelying the name, Recreational Coffee is great for times when you want need to be super-focused. The regular set of distractions is kept to a nice minimum.

Take, for example, outlets, or the lack thereof. Think about the number of times your work was interrupted because of this. Maybe it literally shuts down on you (or your mind is pre-occupied, trying to plan for the moment it might shut down). You know how it goes. Like when you’ve got about 80 tabs open on Chrome or because it’s just plain old. You’ll rarely want for power at this LBC café. Outlets are ev-er-y-where.

Better still is the chill group of folks that tend to come around. The noise level is more than manageable, pleasant almost. No one convo will catch you attention, much less take you away from your insane email inbox begging to be trimmed.

Well. Occasionally, you might come across a somewhat intense patron who brought her entire home desk setup with her. She’ll shift a chair here and there, laying out her notebooks and paperwork from her rolling plastic crate. That’s when you take a break via few bites from the salted chocolate (vegan) donut. Sooner rather than later, she’ll get situated and so will you.

Recreational Coffee: 237 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach; (562) 436-4954. [map]

Ambiance: Relaxed, yet charged. (Is that possible?)
Amenities: One clean unisex bathroom. Reliable Wifi. Outlets throughout.
Drink/Food: Coffee from Portola Coffee Labs. Breakfast burritos from Nick’s. Vegan donuts from The Caffeinated Kitchen.