Caffeine Fix: Steelhead Coffee Company

Pink lady apple kombucha at Steelhead Coffee Company. Photo credit: TS.

There may not be a more ideal space in Long Beach to get your work done than at Steelhead Coffee Company with kombucha on tap, delicious vegan donuts and an airy space.

Maybe it’s because owners Rany and John Aguirre have put a lot of thought in their new-ish café (it’s been open for less than a year). Outlets are not hard to find. Parking is just as accessible. You get to pick from a fair range of roasts. For the most part, the average cafe-goer here is just as thoughtful. A mix of professionals and students, everyone stays focused on work. It’s not too difficult to find a seat at peak working hours.

Occasionally, there’s a chatty pair of quasi hipsters swapping stories about the spending habits of their respective girlfriends and how they just can’t get on board with today’s rap. That’s when you pop your headphones on and tune them out with fresh Spotify finds. It says a lot too that you can actually tune them out. Some cafés play music so loud that listening to your music is not an option.

Steel Head Coffee Company:  1208 E. Wardlow Rd, Long Beach; (562) 989-000. [map]

Ambiance: Just relaxed enough to focus.
Amenities: A restroom. Reliable password-protected WiFi. Enough outlets to power
Drink/Food: Coffee from Lord Windsor Roasters and Rose Park Roasters. Vegan donuts from The Caffeinated Kitchen.

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