Caffeine Fix: Dinosaur Coffee in Silver Lake

Almond latte and Farmshop chocolate cake at Dinosaur Coffee. Photo credit: T.S.

If you equate progress with the latest technology, then you’ll think that Dinosaur Coffee is appropriately named for its lack of WiFi. For others, this decided lack of internet connectivity is refreshing, a sentiment informed by a general skepticism towards the current state of society.

No matter which side your view may fall, you’ll find the design lovely and the space bright. A coffee bar at the center is shaped like an eye, or if you prefer an almond. The menu, an art installation made of descending wooden flaps, looks like the vertebrae of a brachiosaurus. The motif is carried through with extensive wood shelves wrapping around the wall.

You’d think that the service may be questionable given the café’s location in Silver Lake (read: hipster). Yet, while the crowd is a bit pretentious at times, the staff is friendly. You won’t get that low-level impatience tinged with judgment so common among hipster-looking employees when you ask a question.

Instead, when you inquire about the unlabeled pastries in the display case, you get a quick explanation. And you won’t feel judged when you opt away from her suggestion and choose Farmshop’s flourless chocolate cake to go with a cortado or an almond latte. The barista might even ask if you want the cake heated up.

Depending on the time of day, the café can be packed. It’s rarely noisy though. Everyone is either busy reading, journaling or checking to see if anyone notices that he is reading or journaling. You’d probably do the same too, unused as you are with trading your laptop for a book.

Dinosaur Coffee: 4334 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles. [map]

Ambiance: A low buzz of conversation. Most people are reading or writing, and so actual conversation is sparse.
Amenities: No WiFi. Outdoor seating in front of the cafe. Metered parking.
Drink/Food: Go with a cortado. Hot cocoa. Four types of tea. Farmshop pastries.