Make Happy: Oscar’s Cerveteca

Margaritas at Oscar’s Cerveteca.

You will easily miss Oscar’s Cerveteca if you drive by the renovated warehouse that it’s located in. Already, its neighbor on the cornerside, Eat Drink Americano is not quite noticable.There are two other Cervetecas in the city – one in Culver City and another in Venice. The Arts District location is the newest.

It’s a worthy option when you’re in the area, but perhaps less so when you’re outside of Downtown. The area has become a parking lot on the east, as much as Westwood is in constant gridlock on the west. Given locale and general lack of parking in the neighborhood, you’re probably going to see a crowd made up of residents or professionals from a nearby office.

The weekday crowd varies in volume. Happy hour extends to weekends too. It’s great for times you might work on a Saturday or Sunday. Although, if you’re not into sports, you might reconsider during football and basketball season when all the TVs are blasting games.

The menu isn’t insubstantial, but you may not want to veer far from fresh oysters for $1 each and the margaritas that taste equally as fresh. There are two to choose from: spicy or classic. Agave wine serves as the base for both. The spicy version is particularly vibrant with roasted chili syrup and seasonal fruit. These are not the throwaway maragitas made from mixes to cater to the happy hour horde.

While the oysters are a steal (which you’re limited to a dozen), you might not feel like you’re getting a fantastic deal with the taco or the “street dog”. Until you see that some of the items are double the price during dinner.

But do you need more than fresh oysters and margaritas?

Oscar’s Cerveteca: 923 E. 3rd St, Ste 109, Downtown; (213) 805-5862. [map]

The Deal: Daily 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. An edited version of their dinner menu with cocktails to match. Stick with oysters, and or margaritas.