Caffeine Fix: The Daily Dose in the Arts District

The Farmer at The Daily Dose. Photo: TS.

The Daily Does is arguably the most picturesque café in Los Angeles.

Not just for its location, which takes up an ivy-leafed alley between two brick buildings in the Arts District. Not for the ironclad outdoor furniture that complement the alley. And not for invariably pretty people who arrive to dine and dish on the latest.

It’s also the colorful breakfast and lunch menu of stacked yogurt parfaits and even thicker made-to-order sandwiches. The beauty is in the ingredients that compose each item. Owner Sarkis Vartanian is a proponent of natural food, which translates into non-GMO, organic, seasonal and local/regional.

The Farmer sandwich alone is a telling composite of his culinary politics. Sometimes, Okinawa yam is swapped for sweet potato if he can’t find at the farmers market. There are heirloom tomatoes, a veggie patty and roasted seasonal squash. Delightfully sloppy spreads of guacamole, burrata, nutless vegan pesto and ancho chii jam get layered on top and on bottom. All this is held together by olive bread.

You won’t find soy milk as an alternative, and if he’s around, he might delve into the deleterious effects of current soy bean farming practices. Instead, you’ll stick with the Buena Vista, a latte sweetened with caramelized sugar.

Can you work here with all this prettiness going on? It depends. This is not necessarily a place to set up for a long slog through your front dev project. It’s great for catching up on the books piling on your must-read list and for a real (work) lunch with 2-3 colleagues, clients or industry friends.

Daily Dose Cafe: 1820 Industrial Street, Los Angeles; (213) 281-9300. [map]

Ambiance: Especialy vibrant from noon onward.
Amenities: Password-protected WiFi. Outdoor seating. One electrical option inside.
Drink/Food: Wholesome sandwiches, salads and grain bowls. Lunchtime gets busy. If the Farmer speaks to you, but you want some meat, check out Jive Turkey. If not, there’s his daily market sandwich – what’s currently inspiring him and his team, as with a pineapple grilled cheese sandwich with Gruyere, maple syrup, jalepeno basil and sautéed pineapple, natch.