Caffeine Fix: Awesome Coffee

Waffles at Awesome Coffee. Photo: TS.
Don’t be fooled by Awesome Coffee’s “Now Open” banner. It’s been open for almost two years now. There’s rarely any space during peak hours from 7 p.m. onward. And while the cafe might be on the second-floor of a strip mall off Wilton, the look has a certain underground quality. Not unlike what you’d find at one of those one-night warehouse parties that require a secret code.

The quality of your work is correlative to the WiFi. If it’s on point, it’s not difficult to home in and zone out. Even with the hynoptic Korean rap playing not so subtly in the background. You may as well pack up though if your work of the moment can only be done with online access.

You can count on the late night cafĂ© to make some pretty good Belgian waffles. You’ll almost certainly find a small group of creatives going over some branding initiative or another. Which just makes you all the more aware that Awesome Coffee is a whole lot conducive for these types of get-togethers.

Awesome Coffee: 3959 Wilshire Blvd, Suite A-21, Los Angeles; (213) 674-7558 [map]

Ambiance: Sociable, ranging from a smattering of chatter to loud exchanges.
Amenities: One restroom. Spotty WiFi at times. Limited outlets.
Drink/Food: Made-to-order Belgin waffles, which can be topped with ice cream. Ice cream. Dark roast coffee. Tea.