Get Powered on Coffee and Donuts at Café Dulcé in Little Tokyo

Pastries at Café Dulcé. Photo credit: C.C.

Spirulina churro and green tea donut at Café Dulcé. (Photo credit: C.)

Some of us run on coffee and some of us run on sweets. For those who need both in order to do their best work, Café Dulcé hits that necessary ratio of good coffee from roasters like Stumptown to sugary pastries baked in-house.

Your work day isn’t off to a bad start if it begins with having to choose a pastry from the giant floor-to-ceiling glass encased display of freshly baked, or fried, goodies easily seen within yards of the bakery café.

You’ll see quite a few flavors away from a more traditional donut shop playbook, with donut holes covered with Fruity Pebbles, a spirulina churro (our favorite!) or a green tea donut filled with custard.  There’s a one-page menu of sandwiches and salads prepared to order for a savory bite to cushion the sugar high. (We love the peanut kale salad.)
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